That’s a rare win for the Browns these past two years.

Jackson will be joined by more than 100 Browns employees for the plunge, and they’ll submerge for a good cause. The head coach will donate $100 for every Browns employee who jumps in with him to the fight to end human trafficking in Northeast Ohio through his Hue Jackson Foundation.

It’s going to be a fun time, it’s going to be something that’s special to me and the organization and everybody involved, he said two days before the jump, because this is going to turn the page on a lot of things that have gone on here.

The time of the jump is still unknown, but hopefully Jackson is able to avoid the rain. There’s a 50 percent chance of storms in Cleveland on Friday. Either way, Jackson’s going to endure it not only because he said he would, but also to help fight human trafficking.

Parity rules in the NFL — mostly. So who is ready to dethrone 2017’s division champs?

Alright, this felt like therapy. I needed to get all of this off my chest.

Chicago stepped up to take care of its injured tight end.

Zach Miller’s football future is in jeopardy after suffering a potentially career-ending injury last fall, but the Chicago Bears are taking care of him. The franchise signed its veteran tight end to a one-year contract that was guaranteed to pay him even if he couldn’t return to the field. Last season, Miller nearly had to have his left leg amputated after suffering catastrophic damage against the Saints.

The contract will still pay Miller $458,000 guaranteed. That figure would have risen to $790,000 if he could take the field. It’s a small payout for a team with an estimated $27 million in salary cap space left to spend this offseason, but still an important gesture that keeps a veteran free agent in the fold and able to receive team medical care in the near future.

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