John Harbaugh: Terrell Suggs is on a mission, headed for the Hall of Fame

Terrell Suggs is 35 years old and heading into his 16th season as a pass rusher for the Ravens, but he’s not slowing down.

That’s the word from Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, who said he’s been blown away by the way Suggs looks better than ever this offseason.

Greg Rinckey, an attorney specializing in military law, said it’s rare for an officer out of West Point to receive an other-than-honorable discharge. He added that it’s also possible the military academy could seek repayment of the cost of Rapone’s education because he didn’t serve the full five-year service required upon graduation.

I knew there could be repercussions, said Rapone, who is scheduled to speak at a socialism conference in Chicago next month. Of course my military career is dead in the water. On the other hand, many people reached out and showed me support. There are a lot of veterans both active duty and not that feel like I do.

Nicolas was a sixth-round pick of the Chiefs in 2016. He appeared in 11 games with Kansas City as a rookie, then missed the 2017 season with a patellar tendon injury.

Nicolas signed with Seattle last month after being released by the Chiefs.

I could’ve settled with the Cowboys for just my back wages and unpaid wages that they owed me — they offered that, she said. But I am not willing to settle . . . My goal is to help other cheerleaders, and women as a whole.

The daughter of an electrical-engineer father and a dance-instructor mother, Wilkins wanted to be a DCC since seventh or eighth grade. My mom ran a dance studio, and she had a couple of students that went on to become Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

At a dance competition when she was 16, Wilkins was approached by a DCC scout.

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