Call us crazy, but we have three not-so-modest proposals for revolutionizing baseball.

The second-best: A successful sacrifice bunt, but the defense — perhaps under pressure because the bunt was placed so well — makes a throwing error to first base. The runners circle the bases! The pitcher who made the errant throw drops to his knees and puts his head in his hands, before running to back up home plate. The batter chugs down to first and takes a big turn, maybe even goes to second base while the right fielder paws for the loose ball under the security guard’s stool in foul territory. Harvey has done this zero times.

The third-best: A walk. The batter has a goal, but he’s aware enough to know that the right circumstances can open up an even better opportunity. These are rare, but they happen, and they are, also, pure profit, with the runners advancing, a new baserunner joining the train, and no out recorded. Harvey has done this zero times.

The seventh-best: Fail to get the bunt down, have the bunt sign removed, and strike out anyway. An out is added to the ledger, but that’s all the damage, and now you’re back in the dugout drinking some alkaline water and getting ready for the next inning while the top of the order tries to pick those runners up. No attaboys, but as long as you didn’t strain your rib cage we can happily admit we didn’t expect much from you anyway. Harvey has done this two times.

Shazier spoke at a press conference — his first time speaking to media after his December injury.

My dream is to come back and play football again, Shazier said. I’ve been working my tail off every day and I have that in the back of my mind every day I go to rehab.

The NFLPA noted the departures in an official statement to ABC News.

We respect the decision of Deborah Epstein and Susan Else to resign from our commission. We have implemented many of the commission’s recommendations during the past few years and will continue to provide resources and services to our members,

Despite the association’s re-assurances, league officials told ABC they were not aware of any recommendations from the committee or from the NFLPA.

The resignations will re-focus a spotlight on the league’s and NFLPA’s efforts to stamp out domestic violence. The league and commissioner Roger Goodell instituted a broad personal conduct policy for players and league personnel in 2014 that has resulted in suspensions over domestic violations incidents, but it’s unclear what impact, if any, the players’ association efforts have had.

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