Ben McAdoo at peace with how he handled Eli Manning benching

When former Giants head coach Ben McAdoo broke his post-firing silence last week, he said he wouldn’t have stood on the table to draft any of this year’s top prospects to be Eli Manning’s successor.

McAdoo’s thoughts on that front may be surprising to those who recall how his tenure with the Giants ended. McAdoo benched Manning prior to a Week 13 game in Oakland and gave Geno Smith the start in what some thought was the beginning of the end for Manning with the Giants.

McAdoo’s overall bedside manner loomed large in the piece as he also wrote about the need to be more engaging with the media whenever he returns to coaching. McAdoo said a friend told him he sounded like an oaf and needs to work on finding a way to expand on my answers without giving away any secrets.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, the Steelers offered Bell a five-year, $70 million deal. The contract reportedly would have paid out more than $30 million over two years.

That doesn’t reveal nearly enough. What was the signing bonus? How much was fully guaranteed at signing? How were the final three years structured? The $14 million annual average means nothing without knowing the payout in year one and the average value through two, three, and four years.

Remember, Bell already has $14.5 million on the table for 2018. The Steelers offered another $55.5 million in exchange for four more years, with no details whatsoever on how that would be paid, other than Bell getting more than $30 million over two years.

If the goal is to make Bell look greedy and unreasonable in the eyes of fans who believe he’d actually get $70 million, mission accomplished. But as it relates to any realistic effort to understand what was actually put on the table, it’s not nearly enough.

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